Commercial Director

Communicating through the camera

Communicating with audience through films is no easy job and every commercial film director knows that. It takes a lot of creative imagination to converse through the camera. This is especially true if you are a TV commercials director. You have just a few seconds to get your message across and you need to do it in the most impressive and appealing way possible. You need to push the right buttons to make viewers respond to your commercial. In brief, you need to master the art of communicating through the camera.

At Marmite Director, we have skilled and experienced directors who are masters in the art of commercial film-making. We create commercials that hit the right chord with viewers and launch your product on a global scale. With the orchestrating ability of a master musician, our directors cohere various aspects of the script to create a breakthrough commercial that works wonders for your brand.

From the director’s chair

Directing is one of the most complex of jobs in film-making. A director needs to explore the indefinite possibilities presented by the script, edit all that is irrelevant and put together all missing pieces to evoke a favourable response from the audience. A little slackness or wrong judgement can spell disaster on a brand’s reputation and become a butt of ridicule for critics and customers alike.

It takes real skill to find anchor for your brand in the marketplace. Not all commercials kindle people’s interests. Some miss the mark. Some hit the wrong target. Some flop. Only a few succeed. At Marmite Director, we are efficient in making commercials speak for your brand. We have a diverse range of popular commercials and infomercials to our credit – commercials that hit the right target of our clients.

Our talented directors and technicians are guided by popular TV commercials director Nic Auerbach – the architect and leader of our dedicated commercial productions team. We treat the craft of commercial film-making with utmost passion, combining research, analysis and technology to make every project a once-in-life-team experience for us and the client.