Food Director

It’s more than just a matter of taste

Making food commercials demands patience and passion. Capturing the flavour of an English omelette or a Italian pasta requires skill and technique. To bring the color, scent and taste of a food item on to the telly screen takes experience and craftsmanship. Food commercials are not just a matter of taste. They are more than that. They succeed only if they address all the senses of an individual. A potato chips commercial has a better appeal if you describe the crunchy sound of the chips. A popcorn commercial is more flavourful if you depict its buttery aroma.

We serve it right

At Marmite Director, we combine the right ingredients to make our food commercials enhance the taste perceptions of viewers. We engage in multi-sensory advertising to send positive sensory thoughts about a food item to viewers. By describing the taste, smell, texture, look and sound of a food item, we make it more appealing to audience. Our food products directors innovate with various concepts of food advertising. Well-read about the pleasurable and sensational elements of food, they know to serve it right to viewers.

Advertising ‘Taste’

The food industry spends billions on advertising the taste of food to people. A recent study points out that the collective influence of taste over a lifetime has a huge impact on pleasure, health, well-being and disease of an individual.

At Marmite Director, we research on the gastronomical aspects of a food item and its appeal to the senses before we start shooting a commercial about it. Our commercials carry the right ingredients of taste, smell, sound and look to lure the taste buds of audience. Our food products directors feature a food item in all possible delicious ways, exhibiting its adorable qualities and distinct flavours. In other words, we have sommeliers in our directors.