Short Film Director

Your minutes count

Short films are smart films which speak in subtle, unusual ways. Short films put to test the expertise and the film-making sensibilities of a director. They motivate a director to discipline his muse and refine his craft to perfection. An extraordinary short film is one in which every minute counts and every action is seamlessly tied to a beautiful end (or a new beginning through that end).

At Marmite Director, we have an innate love for short films. We believe that the subtle message of short films can bring many changes in the lives of people. This is why we organize the International Short Film-making Competition in London every year. Marmite’s Short Film-making Competition rewards outstanding young and emerging directorial talent in the world of film-making. An international competition, it puts you on a global arena, winning you the accolades you have always earned for.

Let your film speak for you

We accept all genres of short films – from live action, animated and experimental to realistic and fantasy films. If you are a young talent working to establish yourself in the industry or a novice experimenting with film-making, don’t miss this opportunity to make it big in the film-maker’s world! Marmite Director’s Short Film-making Competition is an excellent way to launch yourself in the creative industry.

Have a short film? Submit it to us!

If you are set to make your short film remember to submit it to us once you are finished. On the other hand, if you already have a short film, there is no point in waiting. Read our Short Film Submission Terms and Conditions and proceed to submit your film in the link provided.

Once submitted, your film will be watched by the judges of this competition and the visitors to this site. Visitors would give their feedback and you may have a chance hear what film lovers, critics and public think and feel about your film. Added to this, you may get a chance to sell your film to a prospective distributor or producer.

However, any film that ignores the rules for short film submissions will be removed from the site and the reasons on why the film has been removed will be sent to the film-maker.