Making & Directing Television Commercials

The Art Behind Directing TV Commercials

The art of direction, which involves communicating through the media and television, is a great challenge. This is because of the fact that the director needs to understand what the audience will accept and make his ideas come through. It involves plenty of imagination and innovation which is what will create the best moments on screen.

In case of television commercials, things get trickier because of the time duration that is provided. A commercial hardly lasts for thirty or forty five seconds and in this time the message needs to reach the consumer. When do you the ordinary audience notice an advertisement? It is when there is substance and uniqueness that is added to the commercial.

If you look at successful television commercials you will notice that they have the most brilliant ideas and the best techniques and technology that are used to get the message across to the audience. This requires a team of professional who will be able to handle the script and the set in such a manner that they will be able to produce the best commercial.

If you want a TV commercial and are thinking about getting somebody to direct it for you, you need to consider several things. You need to bring in something that is unique and out of the ordinary. If you remember the Master card advertisement, there is a puppy that gets lost and the advertisement is made in two parts. The first part ends with puppy jumping before a truck leaving the audience in anxiety to know what happened next. It was weeks later that the second part was out which showed the puppy reaching back home safely. It beautifully conveyed the message that you can rely on master card to take you home.

Just think about the Zoo zoo’s of Vodafone. People literally wait for the advertisements to come to watch their performance and comedy. All these point to the fact that Television commercials are derived from the idea that needs to be conveyed. This is put into emotions and given life which is what attracts prospective customers to the products.

The best method of advertisements that your product can receive is through the mass media. People need to be prompted to use a particular product and this is when you can increase your sales too. For instance, any skin care product gains a boom only when there is intelligent ad’s that are created for it. Human psychology is this – When we hear some one telling us that a product is good, we feel like trying it and this is what needs to be in your mind.

Remember at the end of your ad you need to call to action. Your customers need to know your complete contact details and how they can actually get to your product without which the commercial is completely worthless and which is why you need to choose the professionalism.

The art of directing such an advertisement should be done with perfection as this is the most challenging task of fitting your script and video in the time limit of less than one minute. Only professionals will be able to handle this situation very well and bring out the best.